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Simple vs Surgical Extractions

We often get questions about extractions. Many patients wonder if we can just pull a tooth or will it need to be cut out. That is not an easy question to answer in many cases. There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical.

Simple extractions, as the name implies, are just that. A tooth that needs to be removed which is fully intact and can gently be elevated out is a simple extraction. These teeth usually have periodontal disease or large cavities that the patient doesn’t not want to restore. However, a tooth that starts off as a simple extraction can move to a surgical extraction if the tooth breaks ...

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Mouthguards and sports

Now that baseball season is upon us, it is important to protect your teeth from sports related injuries. Contact sports are great for children and adults of all ages, but it comes with certain risks. Often those risks are overlooked or never even thought about. A collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, requiring fillings, crowns, and even root canal therapy in order to fix them. In some cases the teeth can be completely knocked out of the mouth. A properly fitted mouth guard can drastically reduce or prevent these injuries from occurring. 

It is important to note that there are different types of mouthguards, which offer different levels of ...

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How safe are your dental water lines?

Lately there have been several reports about patients getting infections via dental water lines. The water line in a dental unit is less than a quarter inch in diameter, so the water flow through that line is very slow. If water is stagnant in these lines, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria colonizes to form a biofilm. If some of this biofilm breaks loose it can travel through the line and into your mouth. Sounds gross, right? Unfortunately it happens all the time, around the country.

So, the question is how do we prevent this? Our office takes great pride in our water safety protocol. We periodically ...

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Patient and Dentist Concern over Delta Dental

We have had several patients and potential patients ask why we are not providers for delta dental. Here is a great article why. We believe one of the most important aspects of our practice is the family atmosphere and the doctor-patient relationship. Delta purposely tries to intervene in that relationship by telling you what is best without ever consulting with you our asking us. The ADA has tried to step in and help, but Delta does not care about you as ...

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Dental Implants

Do you know someone with missing teeth? Perhaps loose fitting dentures? For many of those friend, family members, or neighbors it can be uncomfortable going out in public places. Often times they do not want to smile because they do not like the way it looks when they are missing teeth. Chewing function can be compromised, so going out to eat is often difficult or embarrassing. Luckily there are options to replace those teeth with natural looking replacements, or help secure and stabilize your denture. 

Dental implants have come a long way in the last 10 years. In fact, they have become the gold standard to replace missing teeth. They do ...

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Now that May is upon us, I would like to take a second to congratulate all of our high school and college graduates. Graduating from school is a terrific accomplishment. It shows that your hard work and dedication to learning has paid off and that the next chapter of your life is ready to begin. As you begin this next chapter, remember all that you have learned previously and rely on those around you for guidance going forward. On behalf of the staff and I, congrats and good luck with everything in the future.

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