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Do you treat dental emergencies or do extractions?

We know that dental emergencies can arise, and whether you are a new or existing patient, we will do our best to treat your emergency on the same day. Dental pain or a broken restoration can disrupt your life completely, and we are committed to treating you quickly and effectively. If you experience a dental emergency, call our office right away. We are happy to help.

Sometimes the best thing for your dental health is to extract a troubled tooth. Whether it has deep decay, cracks, or a serious infection, we can take care of most extractions right here in our Tuscaloosa, AL dental office. From baby teeth to wisdom teeth, we take your comfort seriously. We will make sure you are numb for your treatment so you don’t feel a thing. 

If you have a complex extraction and Dr. Mark Tickle believes a referral to an oral surgeon would be best for you, he will recommend a trusted local oral surgeon and make sure to coordinate your care so that you receive excellent continuity of care as well as effective and timely aftercare treatment.

If you have a dental emergency or suspect you require an extraction, call us right away. We will help you get back on track to great oral health!

Patient Testimonial:Emil from Ecentral

I was in a lot of pain because of a toothache but I was able to make an appointment for the very next day. I was taken into the operatory ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:From ECentral

With my son's emergency chipped two front teeth, Dr. Tickle's staff was attentive and quickly provided an opportunity for a visit. Dr. Tickle was thorough and repaired the teeth ... Read More

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