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Simple vs Surgical Extractions

September 20, 2018
Posted By: Mark Tickle

We often get questions about extractions. Many patients wonder if we can just pull a tooth or will it need to be cut out. That is not an easy question to answer in many cases. There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical.

Simple extractions, as the name implies, are just that. A tooth that needs to be removed which is fully intact and can gently be elevated out is a simple extraction. These teeth usually have periodontal disease or large cavities that the patient doesn’t not want to restore. However, a tooth that starts off as a simple extraction can move to a surgical extraction if the tooth breaks or crumbles.

Surgical extractions are those that require surgical access in order to remove the tooth. Heavily broken or abscessed teeth often require surgical access to be removed. Multi-rooted teeth such as upper and lower molars often need to be removed in sections in order to preserve bone around adjacent teeth. Sometimes it is necessary to remove some of the bone around the bad tooth in order for it to be safely removed. In many cases, dissolvable sutures are placed in order to close the surgical access site.

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