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Mouthguards and sports

March 28, 2018
Posted By: Mark Tickle

Now that baseball season is upon us, it is important to protect your teeth from sports related injuries. Contact sports are great for children and adults of all ages, but it comes with certain risks. Often those risks are overlooked or never even thought about. A collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, requiring fillings, crowns, and even root canal therapy in order to fix them. In some cases the teeth can be completely knocked out of the mouth. A properly fitted mouth guard can drastically reduce or prevent these injuries from occurring. 

It is important to note that there are different types of mouthguards, which offer different levels of protection. The three main types are stock guards, boil and bite guards, and custom fit guards. Custom fit guards are exactly as the name implies. They provide the greatest amount of protection and comfort. These are made by your dentist after impressions of your teeth are taken. Boil and bite guards are one step down from custom fit ones. They are placed in boiling water to soften the material, then inserted into the mouth once they have cooled down. They mold around your teeth with partial precision and offer better support than a stock guard. They can be easy to dislodge with contact. The last type is stock guards. These come from large retailers and are a few sizes fit all. They are often bulky and poor fitting, which drastically reduces protection and can making breathing difficult.

Permanent teeth are designed to provide a lifetime of function, so protecting them during sports is very important. Having a properly fitted mouth guard can reduce or prevent injury to your teeth. Contact your dentist and ask them to make you a custom fitted mouthguard to wear during your activities. You may also contact us at 205-758-0200 if you have questions about what mouthguard is best for you.

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