Mark Tickle, DMD
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Digital Radiographs


We use the most up to date technology available to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your teeth.Digital x-rays provide the safest and most convenient method of capturing dental images. They typically require 1/4 the amount of radiation as a film based image. The image is available immediately to view, so no more waiting to see if the image was correctly captured.

Digital Panorex

In our quest to provide the highest quality and safest methods of diagnosis, we use a digital panorex to provide images of the entire jaw. In most cases, the only way to see impacted teeth or tumors in the jaw is with a panoramic x-ray. By using our digital capabilities, we are able to reduce the amount of radiation needed by 1/2. This is just another way we can provide the most complete and safest treatment possible.

Rotary Endodontics

We use the latest, most effective technology to make your treatment as smooth and safe as possible. Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp or nerve tissue from the roots of the tooth. We utilize the latest motor driven, heat treated nickel titanium files to safely and effectively remove the pulp tissue. Nickel titanium is very unique in that it is a highly flexible alloy yet is stronger than stainless steel. This allows us to clean bends and curves without damaging the tooth.


Intraoral Camera

Have you ever wondered what the dentist sees? Has your dentist ever told you that your tooth is cracked and needs a crown? We have a great solution to allow you to see exactly what we see. By using our intraoral camera, we can take a picture of your tooth and instantly project it on the television mounted on the wall in each operatory.