Comprehensive Family Dentistry

At our Tuscaloosa, AL dental office, we welcome new patients of all ages – from toddlers to seniors. When we welcome new patients to our office, we offer comprehensive dental treatment based on your unique needs and goals for your smile.

Preventive Dental Care for the Whole Family

A healthy smile starts with having a solid foundation in preventive dentistry. Our professional dental cleanings and regular dental exams allow us to create a road map of your oral health. We can detect changes that occur from appointment to appointment and over the years to closely monitor any changes. 

For children, we offer both fluoride treatments and dental sealants to protect against cavities. Fluoride increases the strength of your tooth enamel while dental sealants act as a barrier against cavities and bacteria that cause tooth decay. We partner with parents and educate them on preventive home care techniques, developmental conditions, and the best ways to help your children get the healthy start they need early in life.

We offer periodontal therapy for our patients who suffer from gum disease. That means that your professional dental cleaning is tailored to meet your health needs. Our treatment is never one-size-fits-all because every patient requires something different to stay their healthiest.

Modern Diagnostic Techniques

Our dental office is not the only thing that’s modern! We also use the latest tools to diagnose dental conditions early before they worsen. Digital x-rays allow Dr. Mark Tickle to detect even the smallest amounts of dental decay and bone loss, giving us an edge when it comes to fast, effective treatment.

Restorative Fillings and Dental Crowns

Because we require so much from our teeth, most patients require a dental restoration at one time or another. Whether you have decay or you suffer from a broken tooth, we work quickly to restore the health of your tooth with the appropriate treatment. We use the highest-quality materials as well as the latest techniques, which results in strong, long-lasting restorations.

Our tooth-colored fillings preserve your natural tooth structure, seal out bacteria and food particles, and complement your natural tooth color. We believe dentistry can repair and protect the beauty of your smile.

When we restore your teeth with protective crowns, you can enjoy many years of comfort and reliability. Porcelain crowns offer strength and beauty so that you can eat the foods you love comfortably and smile confidently!

Call Us for an Initial Exam

When you bring your family to Mark Tickle, DMD, Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry, you are making a good decision for your loved one’s oral health. Our professional and skilled dental team will work with each of you toward creating and preserving the health and beauty of your smile. 

When you join our dental family, we will give you the same exceptional dental care we provide to our own families and loved ones.